Asbury Underground Presents:


A Group Exhibition Featuring
Artists for a Cleaner World

Featuring all Artwork Made from Recycled and/or Repurposed Materials

Artist’s Reception, Saturday, April 28th. 7 to 10 PM.

Free and Open to the Public.

A group exhibition featuring the work by contemporary artists working exclusively with recycled and/or repurposed objects. Artists featured are; Roddy Wildeman, Joe Harvard, Ronald Gonzalez, Michelle Renee Bernard, Amy Puccio, Michael Malpass and Jose’ Arvelo.

  • SLAP ON THE WRIST by Amy Puccio, Recycled Materials, 36Hx18Wx2D
  • TRICKLE UP THEORY by Joe Harvard, Mixed Media, Dayglow Wall Sculpture 36Hx20W
  • HANDLESS CLOCK by Joe Harvard, Mixed Media, Day Glow Wall Sculpture, 16 Inches Diameter
  • PEEPHOLE by Jose’ Antonio Arvelo, Reclaimed Wood Wall Sculpture 68”x34”x10”
  • SUB SANDWICH by Lisa Bagwell, scrap wood, corks, street gloves, disposable razors, sponges, plastic lids & wire. $1,800
  • PIZZA by Lisa Bagwell 20Hx20Wx8 Cardboard, plastic lids, pull tabs, twist ties, plastic forks, toys & wire. $2,200
  • RED DAWN by MichaelMalpass. Welded & Forged Steel, Oil Enamel, 13 Inches Dia.
  • Life Can Be All Unicorns & Rainbows by Michelle Renee Bernard, Re-purposed Materials, 9.5Hx7Wx7W $425
  • Soapbox Derby Girl by Michelle Renee Bernard, Re-purposed Materials, 9.5Hx11Wx4D $425.jpg
  • E-FIELD SERIES by Roddy Wildeman. Reclaimed Wood on Panel. 26.5 x 21
  • E-Field Series by Roddy Wildeman, 19Hx17W, Reclaimed wood on Panel $1,800
  • SHELL, by Ronald M Gonzalez, Gas Mask, Metal Scoop, Wax, Wire, Metal Filings. 13Hx7Wx 6D $2,500
  • BLACK PEARLS, By Michael Malpass, Welded & Forged Steel, 18 Inches Diameter, $15,500
  • ART OF THE MIXTAPE by Amy Puccio, Recycled Materials, 18Hx18Wx2D $700
  • WIDOW by Jose’ Arvelo, Royal Series, Wall Sculpture, Reclaimed Wood, Hemp Twine. 56Hx24Wx6D $1,000
  • STITCHES by Ronald M Gonzalez, Re-purposed Boxing Gloves, Wax, Wire, Metal Filings, Hat over Welded Steel. 13Hx11W x 9D $3,000
  • SHARK HUNTER by James Gortner, oil on assembled Found Paintings, 26.5Hx33.5W $4,800