An Art Exhibition featuring Paintings by


September 16th thru October 8th

Opening Reception

Saturday, September 16th
7PM – 10PM – Open to the Public

On Saturday evening, September 16, 2017, art629 Gallery,, located at 629 Cookman Avenue, Asbury Park, NJ, will host an opening party featuring the work of artist and gallery owner, Patrick Schiavino and his partner, artist Brittany James. Both artists will be in attendance, and this event is free and open to the public.

Both Schiavino and James live and make their art on Cookman Avenue in Downtown Asbury Park. Schiavino has been running art629 Gallery for almost 10 years, where he has hosted numerous eclectic art exhibitions and musical events over that period. He is also founder of the Asbury Underground, the very popular art and music festival which brings thousands of visitors to Asbury Park each October.

James has been the resident art teacher at art629 for the past 3 years where she teaches both oil and acrylic painting classes. She also oversees the open studio sessions hosted by the gallery which are open to the public.


Patrick Schiavino is a self-taught painter and mixed-media artist. A native of New Jersey, Schiavino is a graduate of Montclair State College where he earned a BA in Industrial Arts and Design. Upon graduation, Schiavino’s interest in contemporary art was fueled by developing friendships with working artist and musicians in Soho, New York City’s and arguably the world’s most creative center of that era. Schiavino’s long artistic career, in both the art and music industries has spanned over 4 decades. In that time, he has participated in well over 50 exhibitions of his artwork, and now lives, works, and runs his gallery, art629 in Asbury Park.

Some of the most noteworthy milestones of Schiavino’s career are: being selected by The Federal Government to have his paintings displayed at the American Embassy in Luxembourg, being selected by the Center of Emerging Arts, Miami, to have his work tour the United States, being invited by The State of New Jersey to do a 3-month solo exhibition at the State House in Trenton, being offered a Dodge Foundation Grant to participate in the Artist in Residency Program at the prestigious Vermont School, and being invited by Sting and Trudy Styler to show his work at The John McEnroe Gallery in Soho, as a participant in an art exhibition to benefit The Rain Forest Foundation.

Schiavino on his work:

Whether through writing, painting, or sculpture, I have always felt the desire to address my feelings towards the Earth, mankind, and the universal spirit. I feel that as true artists, we have a duty not only to create new and interesting art, but to also address and communicate our feelings as we search for the truth to our existence, and both the positive and negative influences mankind has on our planet.

My work stems directly from the pursuit of certain truths about our universe and existence, and also the unknowns which one can only ponder and speculate. Whether inspired by the beauty of nature or how it is being destroyed by humankind, or how we treat and relate to each other as human beings, it is all about true inner feelings and observations, and the need to address them and communicate those ideas in the hopes that future generations through a collective consciousness can come together to reach the fullest potential of the planet.


Brittany James graduated from Montclair State University with a BFA degree concentrated in oil painting in 2009 and has been a full-time artist and muralist ever since. As a Jersey Shore native, James began painting in Island Heights and was inspired by the beauty of her surroundings. Nature has always been a big influence in her work and continues to be today.

James refers to her style of painting as “Surrealistic Refined Impressionism”. She was most influenced in her early years as a painter by her mentor Elaine Sgambati, a New Jersey artist who often referred to her work as “refined impressionism”. As she developed her own style, James’ paintings began to head into more surreal subject matter and to take on fantasy-like qualities. All of James’ paintings are derived from a combination of photo references and imagined scenes to create the surreal images she paints today.

In addition to painting, James teaches art classes for children and teens at Inspired Minds Fine Art School in Lincroft. She also teaches painting classes for adults at art629 Gallery and runs an open studio for local artists. She is experienced in oil painting, acrylic murals, performance art, charcoal drawing, pastel, life drawing, printmaking, and sculpture.

James on her work:

Painting is my way of escaping reality. With a brush in my hand all of my surroundings and thoughts disappear, and my mind enters a new world within the canvas. For those hours that I am painting, I am temporarily existing in a dreamlike state. I often paint my dreams and am inspired by imagery that evokes emotions. The purpose of my paintings is to make the viewers feel as if they are escaping by looking at my art, the same way I feel while creating it. This has been my source of inspiration for over the past decade. I have represented the theme of escapism in forms of flying, floating, sleeping, dying, dreaming, disappearing, and being born. I enjoy making art that tells a story, and I especially like when that story can be interpreted in different ways by each viewer.

Artists are seekers, always trying to understand the underlying, hidden truths. Nothing is exactly as it seems and reality is often hidden behind illusions. Lately I have taken a more feministic approach to this thought. I am currently focused on the struggle some women face trying to find the delicate balance between wanting to be feminine and domestic, versus wild and free, and trying to be both at the same time. This is some of the most surrealistic work I have created so far in my ever-evolving artistic career.




Pale Nimbus


Energy Dispersing


Stop the Burning


Coming Undone

Dark Garden

Enchanting Delirium





The Marionette