The Works of Patrick Schiavino

Recent Works by Patrick Schiavino

This collection showcases Patrick’s most recent pieces.



Patrick Schiavino is a self-taught painter and mixed-media artist.  A native of New Jersey, he is a graduate of Montclair State College, where he earned his degree in Industrial Arts and Design.

After his graduation in 1977, Patrick spent two years working for interior designer Irene Kulak, who was designing residential loft conversions in Soho, NYC.  Soho at that time was a bustling art community, and it was there that Patrick developed his interest in fine art, and began to experiment with his own work.

Patrick started painting in the mid 1980s, purely as a hobby.  In 1990 a friend introduced his work to Natalie Best (Best Portfolio), and Natalie immediately invited Patrick to participate in a show that she was curating at the Schering-Plough Corporation.  Patrick’s painting “Moon River” was voted “Best in Show”, and Natalie was instrumental in encouraging Patrick to spend more time on his art.

That started a slew of activity for the artist, as he participated in well over 30 shows from the years 1992 through1998.  Some of the highlights of his career include several noteworthy events.  In 1994 he was selected by the United States Government to have his paintings exhibited at the American Embassy in Luxembourg.  In 1996 he was invited by the Center for Emerging Artists, Miami, to have five of his paintings tour the United States.  The following year, he was invited by the State of New Jersey to do a three-month solo exhibition at the State House in Trenton.  The next year, he was offered a Dodge Foundation Grant to participate in the Artist in Residency Program at the prestigious Vermont School.  And in 1998, Patrick was invited by music icon Sting, and tennis great John McEnroe, to participate in a fund raising art show at the John McEnroe Gallery in Soho, to benefit the Rain Forest Foundation.

In 2000, he purchased a building on Cookman Avenue, in downtown Asbury Park, to become a full-time artist. As of today, he still lives and works in his building, while running his gallery on the first floor (art629 Gallery), where he showcases not only his work, but the work of other artists as well.

For further information please contact the artist at (732) 988-5111 or e-mail him.