Highway of Sight

A Photography Exhibition by Steve Forbert

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Steve Forbert Photo

McKay Imaging Photography

Art629 Gallery will host an opening party featuring the photographic work of Steve Forbert.

The exhibit, titled “HIGHWAY OF SIGHT”, will be a Showcase of Mr. Forbert’s photography while touring as a musician on the road. The time of the opening is 8PM to 10PM, and the exhibit will be open to the public from Saturday, March 5th, through Sunday, April 3rd. Mr. Forbert will be attending the opening party.

This will be the first gallery showing in Asbury Park by Forbert, who is much better known as a musician, singer-songwriter. The gallery is showing Mr. Forbert’s work in conjunction with the “New Harmonies Exhibit” being produced by The Smithsonian Institute, which will be a month-long celebration (March 12 – April 17) of concerts, shows, and exhibits of American Roots Music throughout the City. For more information about this event go to: www.asburyparkmusic2011.com.


Mississippi-born singer/songwriter Steve Forbert has been a steady, inventive presence on the music scene since his acclaimed 1978 debut, “Alive On Arrival.” Taking the stance of a compassionate everyman, with a keen eye for detail, Steve weaves together strands of folk, rock, country and R&B, as he delivers his take on life’s trials, tribulations, and discoveries with direct, honest energy and enduring optimism. Best known for his 1980 hit single “Romeo’s Tune”, he has released fourteen studio albums and currently
performs over one hundred concerts a year. He was inducted into the Mississippi Musicians Hall of Fame in 2006.

Forbert on the Photos:

“The photos are taken strictly with a 2005 LG cellphone. I’ve tried some of the newer, higher resolution phones, and to me the results are less interesting. A proper camera is out of the question. I don’t feel there is anything I can add to the standard, accepted field of Fine Art photography. What I’m attracted to are bright colors, repetition, symmetry, a bit of obvious irony and the simply absurd.

I arranged to have a working phone/camera on a recent three week trip to the UK, but took very few pictures—which might mean that there is a strong American element to what I like in the way of photo subjects.
I’d say my influences are William Eggleston, Clarence John Laughlin and Warhol.”

For further information about this show call Patrick Schiavino at art629 Gallery (732) 988-5111, or visit the art629 website at www.art629.com. For more information about Steve Forbert, you can visit his website. To set up a phone interview with Mr. Forbert, please call the gallery.