Based On Real Life

Opening Saturday, July 3rd

A photography show by Andi Monick and Gary Dates

There was a time when photography was equated with truth. Something to be believed, more powerful than memory. But with the growth of technology and developing ease of manipulation that notion has changed. Some mourn this loss while others see it as an opportunity to take photography in a different direction. “Based on Real Life” is a show that explores two photographer’s varied interpretations of reality.

The 2 artists approach this phenomenon in different ways. Gary Dates constructs a whole new reality, in some cases by imagining another side of the mainstream icons Barbie and Ken, while in others by simply creating a fantasy world. Andi Monick references the truth, but nudges it aside to create room for something a little less concrete.

About the Artists

Andi Monick first became involved in photography by taking classes at Brookdale Community College. She has since exhibited in several group and solo shows. For money she has worked shooting weddings and events, races, corporate work, and a few things she would like to forget. For fun, probably because most of the money work is documentary in style, her work has been moving in a less strictly representational, more free-flowing direction.

Gary Dates took some film photography classes at Brookdale, without any real idea as to why. Having been a professional musician most of his life he was already intimately familiar with the creative process, but it wasn’t until he was exposed to photography as an art form that he began to focus his creative energy in that direction. Since that initial awakening Gary has won a few juried art competitions, and began to freelance as a photographer, mostly doing portraits and the occasional private event.