Opening Friday, June 5

Adam Murray and Corey Antis

Art 629 is pleased to present an exhibition of work by the artists Adam Murray and Corey Antis. The show consists of two distinct but related bodies of work, each addressing the gap between abstraction and appropriation.

The show’s title, Notations, is derived from the work undertaken by John Cage in 1969 in his book of the same name. Within the exhibition, each artist addresses the same themes of notation that Cage explored; each work is a variation on the larger theme of compositions that might point to representation, but do not fully resolve into an image or object.

Murray’s work addresses this challenge of appropriation by layering, joining and re-contextualizing found materials into sculptural forms. Through theme and sequence, Murray examines the found objects in architectural structures, building materials and the walls of the gallery itself. This play between created and discarded forms and their installation addresses the fundamental concerns of sculpture as an expanding discipline. Murray’s sculptures challenge the autonomy of appropriation within an evolving contemporary relationship to the integrity of objects.

Antis’s paintings could be seen as the spaces constructed with the materials Murray has accumulated. Here, the artist creates pictorial spaces that deny correct perspective and spatial rules. These works, a series painted on panel and canvas, defy completion. The images – empty rooms, abbreviated objects, planes of color and line – disconnect and frustrate a simple read.

About the Artists

Adam Murray has exhibited extensively, showing most recently at the CVA Gallery and in Sculptoure ’08. He lives in central New Jersey.

Corey Antis has shown nationally and internationally, participating in exhibitions at ThreeWalls in Chicago, the Greenstone Gallery in the United Kingdom, as well as having solo exhibitions at the Vox Populi Gallery in Philadelphia. He lives in New Jersey and Philadelphia.